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Dungeons & Dragons: Suits of the Mists

     ** Multiple sessions offered **

     ** At each session, players have a will choose one of 4 missions **

Friday, 2pm-3:30pm in Washington Irving, Table 13 - GM: Kerry Kaszak

Saturday, 5pm-6:30pm in Washington Irving, Table 13 - GM: Kerry Kaszak

Strange things are afoot in the Moonsea. The factions have called all those willing and able to investigate strange occurrences in the region surrounding Phlan. Dark whispers and unseen terrors lurk in the misty shadows between this world and someplace much more sinister. Unveil the horrors before it is too late! Part one of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.  In this setting, players are given a choice to pursue 1 of 4 different missions.

      DDAL04-01 Suits of the Mists - Designer: Shawn Merwin

A DnD 5e role playing game (RPG) set of multiple mini-adventures for 3-7 players using characters of Level 1-2, optimized for 1st level.  Pre-generated characters are provided or players can bring their own characters, subject to D&D AL rules.