FenCon offers a range of role-playing games and board games

for folks from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty! 

Play for Fun!

Play for Prizes!

No experience needed!

We teach!

In our gaming area - just steps away from the rest of the FenCon excitement - you will find a world of tabletop wonders!  

- Win games with our Magical Journey in Gaming Passport!  A huge thank you to our wonderful Sponsors who provided these prizes!

- A large Game Library on loan from our staff and volunteers, with lots of games you can borrow to play at the convention!

- Our friendly staff and volunteers are happy to help you, from finding a game you might like, to other players to play with - and even a teacher to help with those pesky rules!

- Don't know the rules? Don't worry, we teach!  And we offer Learn to Play Events before tournaments and select gaming sessions!

- Scheduled Games offer a range of games for you to try: board, card, dice, RPG, and even miniatures!

- Compete for prizes (and bragging rights) in our Tournaments! This year's tournaments are Munchkin and Red Dragon Inn.

- Gaming WTF - with Tiffany Franzoni - events will let you test your skill against our Gaming Guest of Honor! 

- FenCon also has several scheduled Gaming Related Programming events featuring Tiffany Franzoni!

More details on all of these can be found on our About Gaming page here.

Wondering where your game table is?  Our game room layout can be viewed on the Room Layout page.


   - All non-tournament gaming, including borrowing games from the game library, is free for all members of FenCon and the Dallas Future Society. 

   - If there are any fees for tournament gaming, those fees will be noted in that tournament's event info.  

   - Keep your eye on our Schedule page, and check the gaming room for gaming news and updates ! 

     Good gaming opportunities are added often, even throughout the con at player request!